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One More Reason

to Smile

At Karloklinika, we believe that prevention is key to maintaining good oral health. Our focus on preventive dentistry means that we will work with you to identify any potential issues early on and develop a treatment plan to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We also specialize in implant surgery, offering a range of services to restore your smile and confidence.


Discover Smiles with Our Dental Treatment


Oral Surgery 

Our dental clinic specializes in providing advanced oral surgical treatments for our clients. Our team of skilled surgeons has years of experience carrying out procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and more. We use the latest technologies to ensure that every surgery is performed with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Endodontic root treatments 

At Karloklinika, we pride ourselves on being able to provide each patient with a comprehensive dental experience. Our services include everything from routine teeth cleanings to specialized endodontic treatments performed using microscopes. Let us help you achieve your best smile yet.

Dental prothetics 

Experience the best dental care in Vilnius! Karlo Klinika is a modern dental clinic situated in the heart of the old town, providing professional and personalized services for all your dental needs. Come visit us and let us take care of your teeth

Aesthetic filling

Dental Implantology

Karloklinika is your go-to destination for top quality dental care. Our highly experienced team of professionals provides a range of services to meet your individual dental needs. Plus, our surgeon graduated with a Master of Dental Implantology from Goethe University in Germany, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

As a top-rated dental clinic, we are committed to bringing you modern and innovative services. Our team of professionals strives to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment where our patients receive personalized dental care. We take pride in offering orthodontic aligners, which are a discreet alternative to traditional braces that have helped numerous patients achieve a straighter smile. No matter what your dental needs are, Karloklinika has what it takes to help you achieve a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Welcome to Karloklinika, where we take pride in delivering top-notch dental services to help you maintain optimal dental health. Our clinic specializes in dental hygiene and teeth whitening, and we are here to help you achieve a brighter and healthier smile.

At Karloklinika, we are passionate about dental health and aesthetics. Our services include everything from routine checkups to cosmetic dentistry, such as aesthetic fillings. Let us help you achieve your best smile with our cutting-edge dental solutions.

Patients Recommending

So happy to have found an amazing Dr. Carlo!

I've been looking for someone to trust with my oral hygiene for a long time. I received recommendations from my relative, after seeing the result of my work, I decided to choose a recommended doctor.

Clearly, he was anxious about the implant placement, I was very interested, I even asked the doctor, how many rejections were there during his practice? His answer was 1 in over 1,000 surgeries he'd have. More confidence was confirmed by the fact that once a week the doctor went to Klaipeda clinics just to perform surgeries.

I saw quite a small project (lasted about 2 years), 3 or 4 implants were installed (I don't remember and I don't even feel that I have other teeth).

The strangest thing: I live in Vilnius and the treatment took place in Kupiskis (150 km. ). I had a lot of driving, but the professionalism of the doctor was important to me. Very pleased with the result. Even though the project is completed, I am going to Kupiskis to see Dr. Karlos for oral hygiene or cosmetic dental repairs. And the best news: Dr. Karlo opens a clinic in Vilnius!!! I can highly recommend Dr. Carlo.



Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our aim is to provide high-quality dental services that are tailored to the needs of each individual patient. Our team of experienced dental professionals is equipped with the latest in cutting-edge technology,. We offer a wide range of dental services, from preventive care to cosmetic and restorative procedures, and everything in between.

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